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Imagine a life that is not interrupted by muscle & joint pain!

What if you're not "too old."


What if you don't really need surgery?

Dr. Capri is "the Pain Killer!"


This pain killer doesn't need refills!

Because when he kills pain, it's dead! 

Dr. Capri gets 88% of his Advanced Pain Protocol patients out of muscle & joint pain in 3 visits!

He has been helping people in muscle & joint pain for over 20 years: first as a massage therapist & since 2012, as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

If you are in Richmond, VA

(and more specifically, the areas of Short Pump, VA, Tuckahoe, VA and Ridge, VA in the West End of Henrico)




Out of Pain!


Again, Dr. Capri gets 88% of his patients out of muscle & joint pain in 3 visits with our Advanced Pain Protocol.

If it’s not broken, completely torn, or dislocated,

Wellspring Chiropractic can help!

Just tell us where it hurts!

Dr. Capri wants You,

  • Your family 


  • Your friends,

Capris Knees Portrait_edited.jpg

Dr. Joseph Capri, D.C. was born in Sarasota, FL and has moved 56 times since. due to a tumultuous childhood.

As you may be able to imagine, he treasures the stability he's found since moving back to Richmond in 2012.


He and his wife Tiffany love Richmond and enjoy their life and community here!

Dr. Capri's ultimate goal is to help make the City of Richmond pain free!

Pain makes us all very self-focused, because we want to get out of pain! Dr. Capri is a muscle & joint pain specialist!

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Text Dr. Capri at (804)596-5232 

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