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TMJ Disorders

TMJ (Temporomandibular) Disorders are very common! According to, it is estimated that 10 Million people are having TMJ disorders right now, and that about 25% of the population have symptoms at some point in their lives!


TMJD will cause pain directly in the face, the jaw or temple areas, as well as your neck and shoulders. It especially is associated with talking, chewing, yawning, and simply opening your jaw. 

When you open or close

your mouth: 

  • Clicking Sounds, 

  • Popping Sounds, 

  • Grinding Sounds,

You may have

  • A general tired feeling

  • Swelling in your face!


You can also have

  • toothaches,

  • earaches

  • ringing in your ears.

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neck pain.jpg

What Causes TMJ Disorders?

Often, this is a postural issue, either the way you are holding your neck, or your jaw, or both can be the main culprits. There is a lot of shared real estate w/ the muscles of the jaw and the neck, and bad posture can cause continuous, added stress on the muscles.


The worse your posture is, while sitting, the higher your risk.

You should check with your dentist 1st, as you may have a grinding, bite, or again, the way that you hold your jaw (your mouth posture) may be big contributors


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