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Why should you choose 


Personalized Service: 

We want what you want!
If it wasn't interrupting your life, you would just press on, through the pain!

What actually brought you here?!

Expect this to be a conversation about your pain


Finding out whether or not your case is best handled by Wellspring Chiropractic, Dr. Capri may refer you to someone who would be a better fit for your injury.


YOUR doctor will spend time with you!
You should know that your doctor is with you, and is invested in your goals!

How much time did you spend with the doctor during your last visit?! At Wellsproing Chiropractic, your doctor will be with you the entire visit.


More time with the doctor means

  • A better, more specific diagnosis.

  • A better plan to get you out of pain.

  • Faster, more personalized results!

Concierge Chiropractic: 

Paid in Full: $1,200/year (@33% discount)

Paid in 2 installments: $1,500/year ($300 discount)

Paid in 4 installments: $150/mo ($1,800/year)

Is Concierge Chiropractic right for you?!

  • Have you been through the Advanced Pain Protocol & are wondering “what now?”

  • Are you not in pain now, but you know that you are at risk of injury because of your job, or a hobby, or a recreational activity?

  • Are you looking for a monthly check in to make sure you stay out of pain?

Membership Has Its Privileges:

• Memberships include 6 hours of Dr. Capri’s time to use throughout the year.

This could mean:

• 2 quick (15min) visits/month

• 1 check-in (30min) visit/month
• 6 full (60min) visits as needed throughout the year

Why Choose Wellspring Chiropractic?

Personalized Service





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